Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fixing msplinks for Myspace

Okay I have wrote on this subject before but still some confusion arises. msplinks is not a problem and if you are looking for a hack or fix msplinks than you might be the problem. I totally agree that myspace is a great way to promote your blog or web site if done in the right manner. It is to bad that Tom, the myspace creator, feels that he had to go through such great extent to cut down on spam. It is people who spam the hell out of myspace everyday are the reason it is so difficult for us now. Also people who spam give all of us in this business a bad name and thats why most internet users will just dismiss us now even though we have a legit product, opprotunity or, even information. I wrote some articles on how you can use myspace for your online adventure but don't over do it and don't spam. Even if someone did find ways around msplinks, which I'm sure someone has, Tom will eventually put an end to it if it is abused by everyone. Find the right ways to promote you product or web site and you will do well. If whatever you have is worth looking at than it will promote itself. 90% of the people spamming myspace are all scams. So be part of the solution, make a good product, use, don't abuse myspace.

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Jason said...

If you want to be able to actually see the links before you click on them I wrote a small greasemonkey script to decode them in your browser. You can read about it at http://www.smert.net/2007/07/01/myspace-filters-all-external-links-now/

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Why bother with MySpace anymore? At least on Yuwie, you can still do all those things… (like before the MSPLinks days) no need for work arounds or fixes! Just put in your links and WYSIWYG, that simple!

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