Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Addicted to Blogging

I believe blogging to be very addictive. At first it starts out as something you try once in awhile. Than you Begin to do more and more often. Finally you find yourself compelled to blog everyday. Many blogs begin just to try and make money online. A lot of these blogs fail because they don't get involved in the community of bloggers. With every passing day you get more involved with your own blog and other blogs. You return to blogs day after day looking forward to what is to be said next.

Here are a few reason why I think the blogsphere is so addicting in a good way.
1. Always looking for new ways to improve yourself.
2. Looking forward to hearing others thoughts and ideas.
3. Continuously trying to make your blog better than the day before.
4. The dream of making some serious money online and to work from home.
5. Making new friends over the Internet.

Here are a few reasons why blogging is addictive in a not so good way.
1. Excessive eye strain from staring at a computer
2. Lacking exercise due to excessive reading and blogging.
3. countless hours spent in front of a computer.
4. Carpal tunnel syndrome

Here are a few signs of an addict.
1. your a forum junkie -your on forums all day long constantly posting in stead of myspace.
2. your a comment junkie -you visit one or more blogs posting 20 + comments a day.
3. your a post junkie -you post 2 or more topics per day, everyday.
4. Last and certainly the worst -you read blogs and forums all day and do nothing to improve the value of your own site.

All in all I believe the positives to out way the negatives. Getting a good balance is the way to go. Get into a routine. Set aside a time period each day for blogging which should include everything from reading, writing and, marketing. If this is done for a living than of course there will be more time dedicated to blogging.

Well according to I am %60 addicted to blogging. what are you?
Here are some other blogs that discuss the blog addiction phenomenon.

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Anonymous said...

oh man, I think I'm the fourth sign of an addict. haha

roundouts said...

well a little less reading and a little more writing should fix that.

cowboytf said...

Hey Stud..Good article. I am soooo addicted.

By the way, I changed the rules on my contest. All you have to do is leave acomment or contact me with your guess.

A Cowboy's Wife

Cmanlong said...

I see a bit of me in some of those.