Monday, July 23, 2007

Blogging Bandwagons

Is it just me or does it seem like every day or week that everyone is writing about the same thing. Over and Over again. Yea, they reword it or put their own twist on it but it's still the same information. I can understand that most people get their information from other sources therefore it has to be similar in the least but I'm getting tired of visiting ten or so blogs with the same information provided within a 4-7 day periode. Even pro bloggers do this from time to time to fill space. I can understand if there was a issue going around and everybody had diffrent opinions but if the original post was good and you agreed, why rehash the subject. I will just go to the other blog and read it. Ofcourse you can point me in the right direction and give your own two cents but don't do this every day. Than whats the point of visiting your blog. If you want to start making money online than post original content. I know it's hard but it's the best way to earn respect and money. Get off that bandwagon and write something new for me to read. I'll come back to your blog if the content is good and original. I promise.

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cowboytf said...

Hey..I contacted you through email about your "about me" and you haven't answered...What the hec? Are you snubbing me or what?

roundouts said...

lol, no I'v just been busy as of late but I'll answer you today, promise...