Wednesday, July 25, 2007

13 steps to Take down a Pro Blogger

Since the dawn of blogging, bloggers have been working ways to beat out their competition in an effort to make money online. Few have succeeded and many have gave up. Would you like to know how to take down the Giant? It can be done with some effort and patience. Just as David slayed Goliath, You can bring your competition to its knees and basically steal all the benefits. Here are some tips to cripple those so called professionals, bring the herd to you, and start making money online.

1. Get a catchy domain name-whatever it is, from your name to the topic, as long as it is catchy and memorable it shall do. This will make it easier for readers to remember you first.

2. Good original content-Everywhere in the blogsphere people are writing about the same topics. Be the first to write about new ideas. Don't get me wrong sometime you have to go with the flow.

3. Use your keywords wisely-Always make a point to use keywords that your targeting surrounded by relevant content. You will be sure to rise to the top honestly unlike some pros do.

4. Use SEO-Apply the correct ways of gaining page rank and you will be sure to get the first page and stay there. You know the right ways, just apply them.

5. Get involved-Constantly update your data. Visit other blogs. Voice your opinions. Listen and learn. Everyone has the ability to be great but you need to apply yourself.

6. Steal readership-Take you competitions readers. Make yourself known on their blog. Post comments with your opinions. Always make your posts better than his.

7. Step ahead-Always try and be one step ahead of the pro. Be creative, do the research, read all that you can and write articles that the pro has not considered yet.

8. Keep your readers on board-Make your readers come back time and time again. Offer valued prizes. Interact with you readers often. Make them know that you care about their visit.

9. Be original-Your theme, your character, and your writing should all be as original and creative as possible. Be comfortable with your writing. Don't push out posts. Think about how each post can be better than the pro.

10. Disagree- When ever possible disagree with the pro. Of course only disagree if you can back up your opinion. Readers will respect you if you show them the way.

11. Listen and interact- Your readers will tell you what they want to read next. Look in the right places and you will know what to write about. Get involved with your readers blog.

12. Be patient-This cant be done over night. It takes awhile to over run an empire. Once the Giant starts to fall, he or she will come crashing down.

13. Be Evil-Start a group of haters. publicly damage the pros blog by burring diggs and stealing readers. Stop his buzz and create your own. Be a copy cow and steal readership through humor. There are all sorts of ways to damage a pro blog and reputation.

There you have it. 13 lucky ways to bring a giant to his knees. It won't happen over night, nor will you ever be able to kill the beast but you can beat him. Once you get the ball rolling and the pro begins to fall they will fall hard like the over bloated giant they are. Once they fall keep them down by continually applying these tips every day. Look out Pros. Their is a revolution upon you. Make room were coming through.


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ob81 said...

lol this is a good read. I agree with the tips. The internet is so vast though that you don't really need to "take" anyone down to get your corner of the internet.

roundouts said...

I agree the internet is big enough for all of. I just thought it would be fun to put a spin on some helpfull tips.

Geoff_Livingston said...

It would be interesting to see if you could actually do it. For example, Steve Rubel.

Cmanlong said...

i would have to strongly disagree with your last tip (of course that is probably the point ;) ). while I am not against a certain number of "black" hat techniques to generate traffic and buzz deliberately sabatoging a fellow blogger is going a bit too far.

You don't want to find yourself being blacklisted by other bloggers and being classified as a Blog, Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing. That would be very counterproductive.

roundouts said...

Geoff- It would be intresting to see if it could be accomlished. I think persistence would be the key to making it happen.

Cman-I do agree the last tip is proboly a low down dirty way of getting it done. I wouldn't go that far but, if someone did do you think they would be shunned by the blogging community considering they proboly wouldn't even know of your delibrit attempt to sabotage your competition.

cowboytf said...

Hey Stud~~Great stuff you got going on! You and Cman have really "blossomed". I've printing out articles you both have published for when I get mine going again. Keep it up!

Simply Bananas said...

I wouldn't go as far as trying to damage the other bloggers reputations.

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