Friday, June 15, 2007

Using Myspace to your advantage

Many people use myspace to promote their bands, websites, products or even blogs. Myspace has started to crack down on Spamers but, there is a easy way around that "Don't Spam". There are a few ways to gain traffic from myspace. You need to get friends. Ask people who you think might be interested in your niche to be your friend. Now myspace doesn't allow most sites to be posted in the comments section of peoples myspace. It will come up as msplinks and redirect to myspace so referring people to your site trough myspace using comments. What you can do is refer people to your myspace blog and from there give a link to your site. In this case you would write a myspace blog about your web site or a particular post and than link back to it. Use this same tactic for bulletins or you can just write you URL in there and hope people copy and paste it but that doesn't work very well. Now you can also send messages to people but be careful to not spam people because they can and will report you and your account will be deactivated. Be personal with people. Talk directly to them and be sure they are interested before hand. You can use programs to recruit a massive amount of friends and also send out comments or messages to everyone but, you need to be careful using this kind of program. If you do use one, use it in moderation and don't keep sending messages day after day. If you follow these simple guidelines you could easily pull in a massive amount of traffic to your web site using multiple myspace accounts. Good luck making money online and remember don't spam myspace.

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