Friday, July 13, 2007

The little things count.

Some of the little things on your blog do make your blog a better place for your readers. Of course content is the major part of blogging but, what about everything else. Here I will go over a few things that can help your new blog be a better place.

First, Organize the blog. A neat and well organized blog will keep your readers coming back. Make posts easy to find by labeling them. Don't over clutter your page with to many contextual ads or affiliates.
Second, Allow readers the ability to subscribe to you Full RSS feed. This will allow people who read your blog constantly to be aware all the time when you post something new.
Third, Make it as easy as possible for people to interact with you and your blog members. You may allow anonymous posts so readers don't have to log in to post a comment. If your worried about spam you could enable the word verification but that's just as annoying so their are some spam blocking programs out their.
fourth, Entice readers to leave comments. You can disable the no-follow for your comments to allow your readers to gain a back link from your comments section. If you would like to know more about removing the no-follow in blogger just ask. You could also put a top commenter's widget or something of the sort to get participation.
fifth, Join a community. A community such as is a great way to track readers and find new blogs to read. Technorati is also a great place for interaction between bloggers.
sixth, keep the lines open. Allow readers to be able to contact you for what ever reason. Put a e-mail address on your page or use to set up a contact me form.
Seventh, One thing that I have yet to do is put a face to my blog. For some blogs especially personal blogs this is important because it developers a relationship with your readers. Some say it could be any face because it's just the idea that it is an actual everyday person writing this blog. I would recommend using your own pic. never know when you might need to update it.

Well I guess that's all for now. If anyone else has any ideas on how to make your blog a more enjoyable place just by tweaking a few things than please feel free to leave your thought. I removed the no-follow tag recently from my blog so, you will get a back link out of it.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips and great site you have here.

Pasty Muncher said...

Do you know how to remove no follow from comments?
Munch on dear chap

roundouts said...

It's actually very simple. beta blogger for dummies has a very good step by step to remove the no-follow tag.

Pasty Muncher said...

I looked at the beta blogger for dumbos (for I is one) but it appears that I can't remove no follow from nornmal (off the shelf) blogger templates. bah. Cheers for the link though - should come in handy in the future