Thursday, July 12, 2007

Promoting with Classifieds

Here is a way that you could promote your site using classified ads. This might not be the most legitimate way to promote your web site or blog but, it is effective. Thousands of people scan trough he classifieds everyday looking for whatever it is they may want. Weather is be furniture, cars, or even pets. So you can use these classifieds such as to drive a little traffic your way. Lets say your having a give away on your blog. You could post that in a classified ad and attract unique visitors to your page. What if your promoting an online business. You could put it in the jobs classified section. There are a thousand different ways you could do this with hundreds of different classified web sites everywhere to include craigslist and myspace just to name a couple. I recommend that if you do use classifieds that you have something for them, such as a job or, a prize or, maybe you are selling something. whatever the reason you put an ad in, it could potentially bring you a lot of traffic.
So what do you do?
First sign up with Than create an e-mail account applying to your product. You will want to write a message and turn the auto vacation responder on. You will than put an ad in craigs list with the reply going to the previously made e-mail address. When people reply to your ad the auto responder will send them a message which will contain a message with a link going to your web site. Bam, you have your traffic. Be creative when doing this. The better you ad is and the better your e-mail response will determine how much traffic you can get. This is something that can be repeated time and time again at no cost to you. This is especially good for affiliates who are trying to sell products. Maybe you would want to link the message directly to the landing page but I recommend writing a good post and filtering traffic through you own web site. well I hope this can help people on there way to making money online.

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