Monday, July 9, 2007

Chow vs Cow?

Recently I came across a blog trough the viral tags. It's a very new blog, maybe a week or so old. The crazy thing is this blog managed to real in a ton of readers and is shooting up the rankings like a bat out of hell. Well the reason being is that John Cow is a parody on the ever popular john chow's website. He is racking in thousands of visitors that normally read chow's blog. The theme of the blog revolves around cows, hence the name John Cow. I am interested to see where this blog might go. Maybe there will be a face off between Chow and Cow. It would be Cow madness. I enjoy reading his blog because of a few reasons. It is a new blog and therefore very easy to follow. He bashes john chow whenever giving the opportunity, which is very funny. Also his blog is generally fun to read and full of good points. One thing that I also enjoy about his blog is that he will no doubt point out any misconceptions about making money online. I agree with most of his posts thus far. John Cow is also having a contest which he so cleverly referred to as the cash cow competition. By entering you have a chance to win $100, A full review of your site, a one month link in my Pasteurized Sites section, and A permanent 468×60 banner ad at the top of the contest page. All in all a good deal. To see more about the contest or to check out his blog go to

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cmanlong said...

i see you have also entered the contest. I love the john cow site and actually visit it more than chow's.

later all and have a profitable productive blogging day

roundouts said...

lol, So do I. It's somehow a refreshing take on blogging.