Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My most visited blogs

Before I became a blogger I don't think I ever read a blog and now I read a bunch every day. I wanted to give a quick shout out to all those blogs that I have been reading on a daily basis. Some of you inspire me to blog, some give me help full tips, others are just fun to read. So here we go the top blogs that I read daily and why.

Cmans money pages-This is a blog that I started reading when it was still very new. I watched it as it has blossomed into what it is now. I read this blog because I feel that the author is always a few steps ahead of me and I can learn from it.

A cowboys wife-This is also a blog that I have been reading from the beginning. This is a personal blog about a cowboys wife's day to day life. I enjoy reading her blog because it is the sort of blog I aspire to do but never got around to doing it.

beta blogger for dummies-I refer to this blog often. Using blogspot can sometime be difficult especially for someone like me. It is also amazing to see what can be accomplished using blogger.

Johncow.com-I recently started reading this blog along with the rest of our community. It's funny and different in the same kind of way, if that makes any sense to you. Maybe this shout out will get me in an upcoming batch.

problogger.net-Another blog that I refer to often. Problogger Is probably one of the most helpful web sites I have visited thus far. It is definitely a blog that inspires me to keep blogging and keeps me headed in the right direction.

There are many more blogs that I visit everyday. These blogs are ones that I make a point of visiting. It might be because the content is always updated and fresh or that the blog is just so helpful to me or maybe I just enjoy reading them. For whatever reason these blogs are my go to blogs.

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cowboytf said...

Thank you for the nice words!! It's much appreciated Stud.

roundouts said...

No problem, any time

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