Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Jackal Strikes Again!

The Jackal is the creator of the work at home manifesto. I previously wrote a short review on the work at home manifesto in a previous post entitled the Work at Home Manifesto Review. I'm retouching on the subject because I feel that many people are missing out on the opportunity to take advantage of this program. Originally he was only offering a 7 day trial for only a $1 down which you get back if you decided not to proceed with the program. Now the Jackal is offering a 60 money back guarantee for only a $1. You still get the dollar back if you decide not to go on with his program. If you decide to continue with the work at home manifesto you will continue to have full membership for life with a one time payment of $49. That's just one payment. Not monthly like some gurus might charge. Now I say for a $1 you have 60 days to determine whether or not you would like to stay with the jackals program. If not you can simply send him an e-mail an cancel your subscription. If you would like to cancel at any time just go to and let him know. It's just that easy.
Now some of you might be wondering what you get for a $1. Well you get full access to the work at home manifesto. It's an ongoing process of quality information being feed to you. Everything you will ever need to know from where to start and how to get to the top. I read something new everyday and apply something new to my own businesses. You will find tons of triggers that will set your ideas off in the right direction and help you move them to the top. Don't have ideas, well don't worry, the Jackal can help. I believe this to be a very productive and profitable system that can work for almost anyone. I say almost because nothing is handed to you on a silver platter. You still have to use and implement the Work at Home Manifesto so that you can work from home full time and make a living making money online. I am serious though. If I could make this work for me than you can make it work for you. And I personally will tell you that the information provided is quality stuff and the work at manifesto is not a scam.
Is it worth a buck to you to see if the work-at-home-manifesto is all it's cracked up to be? And, if it works for you and puts kitchen-table wealth within your reach, do you think it's well worth the $49.00 for lifetime access to it? I think so. The hundreds of insiders already privy to the info inside the Manifesto certainly think so too (not to mention those trying to keep this info private and force it back underground).


Grateful said...

I wanted to thank you for your review of the work at home manifesto. Without it I would have never of spent the $1 to but it. I have continued to use the manifesto so I went ahead and purchased it for life for $49 doolars. I already made more than my money back so thanks again.
A very grateful new guy.

Anonymous said...

Today, I decided to take a chance and paid my $1 to check out this Work @ Home Manifesto. The last time I took a chance was when my husband asked me to marry him 14 years ago. That worked for me, I feel this should work for me too. I am going to fully check it out first before I decide to pay the $49 and go farther. Thank you for the great review and I am keeping my fingers crossed that this indeed works!

Anonymous said...

i tried send an email to this address and it said unknown. can you tell me why this would happen if all i have to do is send him an email to get out?

Anonymous said...

quite interesting article. I would love to follow you on twitter.

Anonymous said...

I am reading this article second time today, you have to be more careful with content leakers. If I will fount it again I will send you a link