Monday, August 13, 2007

Posts Far and Few Between

Trying to blog while in the busiest of conditions can be tough. As of late I have been having trouble getting the chance to post any articles for my blog and most important my readers. It can be hard at times to keep a blog in tip top shape. You need to constantly improve your blog or else it does nothing for you and you end up making no money online. Here are a few struggles I have been having lately and what I could have done to prevent this from happening to me.

1. No Time-Lately I have been very busy at work which leaves with hardly any time to use a computer.

2. Waisting Time-When I finally get a chance to sit down, I usally kill time by reading other blogs.

3. Writers Block-When it come time for me to write something I have trouble getting it out because I'm usally exhausted from the days work.

These are some things I should have done to counter my problems before they came about.

1. Plan Ahead-I should have planned ahead of time. Writing future posts for the time I knew I would be busy.

2. Work for me-I should have been working on my blog instead of browsing the internet when I had some down time.

3.Details-Remember its the little things that count

Basically if I would have planned a little further in advance I wouldn't be in this jam I'm in now. So plan ahead and your posts will not be far and few between.

Having someone to help you is another good idea. Wether it be a friend, spouse, or a internet partner. I wrote a post on this earlier entitled Blogging with Partners. Well I hope all of you can learn from my mistakes and I know many bloggers have this happen to them and it will proboly continue to happen.

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cowboytf said...

You have a good reason for not posting everyday. Your loyal readers will keep coming back and you can gain new readers when you get the time to do so.

I'm going through blogging depression myself...*sigh*.

cowboytf said...

WHERE ARE YOU??? Are you home yet? Is everything ok? No posts or sounds from you....just thought I'd check in and see how things are:)

Laura said...

"Waisting Time-When I finally get a chance to sit down, I usally kill time by reading other blogs."

So I came across your blog when I'm supposed to be writing on my own! However, I enjoyed reading... nice blog. Thanks!

reet said...

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