Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Blogging with Partners

I do not work with anyone on my blog but, many people do have partners. I personally think it's a fantastic idea. This gives you two opinions on your posts, blog, and direction. Two heads are better than one. Having someone just to help can cut down on the amount of time you spend online. You could have a girlfriend or spouse just comment on other blogs for you or submit your blog to directories. While he or she works on your promotion and back links you can worry about quality content for you articles. Also a partner can proof read you articles for spelling, grammar or, just any improvements all over. It would be nice to have someone who could also write posts. This could dramatically improve the quality of your blog because you now have two views expressed on your blog and twice as many posts.

Well what about the money? I guess if it was a girlfriend or something you could work something out between the two of you. If it's an Internet partner I would suggest working out all the details beforehand. Some things you might want to discuss is money, ownership and, work. You will probably want to split the profits 50/50 but that could be a problem depending on who believes they have done more. Ownership of the site is another thing. If one wanted to leave, who gets the site? The amount of work should be outlined to. How much is to be expected out of the individuals. These are all things to consider when picking up a full time partner.

All this planning is probably why a lot of people don't blog in teams or with partners. Most blogs will occasionally have guest posts which sometime benefits both blogs if the traffic is right. Having a guest post doesn't make you partners. It's more just like a back link than anything else.
I believe having a blogging partner would be great if you could find someone dedicated and trustworthy. Also they would have to be like minded and headed in the same direction as you. I would like to have a partner to blog with because it would relieve some pressure but it might also add a little. I would be pressured to make posts and make them better as to not let partner down. I think that's a good thing though.

Well that's my opinion on blogging with partners. hope you all enjoyed it. If anyone has any experience with blogging in a team or having a partner, please share your experience.

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cowboytf said...

I would love to have a partner but I'm too selfish. I don't want to share.

WizCoder said...

Blogs like Techcrunch, b5emdia have a few bloggers but they operate like a company. I think guess post work best for smaller blog. Blogging is a personal thing, sharing complicates things. However I would like to hear from those who have been sucessful with this model.

roundouts said...

cowboytf-I think thats one of the biggest problems is that no one wants to share profits. But there is potential to make more money.

Wizcoder-Yes I wonder if their is any blogs that have been sucessful doing this and if they ran into any problems down the line.
Thanks for stopping by.

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