Sunday, August 5, 2007

$100 Guess

Well a fellow blogger has announced a contest he is having to guess what his nickname stands for. I have been reading his blog, profitable productive blogging, for some time now and honestly never stopped to think what the "C" in cmanlong could stand for. Well now he is offering a $100 to whoever can guess what the meaning to it is. Honestly I have no idea what it could be but even if no one gets it right he is going to randomly draw 5 names from all the losers and award them $20 each for giving it a go anyway. This contest is a bit of a shoot in the dark but it also has the best prize out there, which is cold hard cash. No trinkets or useless stuff. Money is what I like to win. So without anymore delay here is my guess. I would think that the "C" would have to stand for "computer". That's it computermanlong. Well that's my guess and you can't have it. If you would like to guess what the "C" stands for head on over and check out the contest, What the F does the C stand for 4


cowboytf said...

I wanted to guess yours but I didn't want to "copy" so I guessed something different.

roundouts said...

I'm sorry. I was going to originally guess "cash" but that was taken first. lol, o-well

cowboytf said...

Well, who knows, it could something that we would never guess. I was trying to think back in that era and him being called that at a younger age. Did you see he made I bet he thinks he's famous now!!

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