Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Web submission

Many people forget to submit their web site to the search engines, either because they forget to or just don't know how. Some on the other hand believe it is better to have your site manually crawled and than indexed based on relevant content in their blog or web site. I on the other hand prefer so submit my sites so the search engines. Remember the main search engines like Google, yahoo, and MSN. Google is very easy to submit a site. just go to Google webmaster tools and submit you site. MSN is a little tricky for blogspot because it only accepts 5 submissions a day from a root domain such as but you can get in there if you try. here's the link to MSN at
To submit to yahoo, just go to the following URL Also to summit your site to various search engines try
Remember having your site indexed and crawled will greatly increase your ranking as long as you continue to post relevant content in your site or blog. Also creating one way links from directories will help. See a previous post about web site directory submissions heres an example of a Web Directory
Also get back links from other web sites. Preferably higher ranking website because when the spiders index the site it will see your link and index your page as well. All this will help you pick up more traffic to your web site. Hope this helps and enjoy making money online.

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