Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Upgrading with Bidvertiser

If your just starting out and want to upgrade from Google AdSense, bidvertiser is your solution. Bidvertiser has a low threshhold of only Ten dollars and pays directly to your paypal account. The pay out per click is also better in my experience. Bivertiser also enables you to block unwanted ads so that you don't have competitors ads on you site. They also claim to always display the highest bidding ads on your site. Not only is bidvertisers publisher program good but, their advertising program is great. They have a very inexpensive advertising program so you can get your site out there for pennies a day. Right now, for a limited time you can get $20 in free clicks. On top of all this bidvertiser has an extremely good referral program. They offer Ten dollars for every referral that earns ten dollars, and when a referral earns fifty dollars you will get forty in return. Not so bad hu. Now with all this said, Bidvertiser is a little more difficult to use than AdSense but easy to figure out. just log on and follow directions. Copy and paste the code into your template section under a html widget.That's it. It's free to sign up with bidvertiser and you basically get $20 to promote you website, so upgrade now and enjoy making money online with bidvertiser.

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