Thursday, April 26, 2007

Human friendly site

Another intresting idea. Most people like to view pictures when viewing a site. It's human nature to be drawn to images of each other. It also gives the reader an idea of who is writing even though it might not be a picture of you. Pictures also help people remember, so the next time they see something resembling your site theres more chance of returning traffic. Heres another cool idea. how about a talking animation on your site. You tell it what to say, and it says it when people visit your site. It's really cool. check it out.
Oddcast text-to-speach


cowboytf said...

GREAT site...I added you to my page as well! Thanks for the link.

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onlinemarketing said...

Check it out, I found your link from Linkreferral - you must be making good commission :)