Monday, April 23, 2007

A few tips for beginers

I'll list what should be done in order as best I can. These steps are very easy for beginners and Free.

1) First you need to come up with an interesting topic or niche. Start with one and then make others. should be something you find interesting that way you be motivated to update your blog or website.

2) Then you need to sign up for create a blog about your niche. update this blog regularly. Updating you blog or web site increases your "SEO".

3) Sign up for AdSense. This is how your going to make you money. You will plug these ads into your blogs. Also try Bidvertiser. You will also want to sign up with paypal if you haven't already done so.

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4) Traffic- there is no right way to get traffic but there is wrong ways. This is the most difficult step, which requires some effort. Visit blogs and forums related to you topic. Post in these forums some info about the topic and leave your link. My space is also a good way to find allot of people but be careful. When posting leave actual comments, not spam.

5) Be persistent! Online marketing takes time. You need to build your sites up, increasing SEO and placing your adds correctly will eventually bring you a profit. Always be thinking of new ideas. Some blogs or web sites may not work for you. Find new keywords that are searched often, but not overly used. Follow these steps, and with a little time and patience you will become successful.


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nice site and thanks for link


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Like your site..maybe we can swap links too. If you want to, just let me know via my blogs or the forum.

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