Sunday, June 18, 2000

About Me

Well if you have been wondering who I am than here it is.
My name is James Stoudnour. What? I know, It's hard to say. That's why Everyone refers to me as Stud because in the military we don't use first names. So a long time ago someone said hey I'm just going to call you Stud and it's been with me ever sense. Yup I'm in the military too. I have been serving in the Navy Seabees for around 5 whole years now. I have been all over the world including Iraq. Yes the Navy is in Iraq too. I have a pic to the right. Belive it or not, This is the best one I could come up with for now. The insignias are blacked out due to some military sop which most due not follow. In no way, shape or form am I speaking on behalf of the United States Military.

So I have been blogging for many moons. Each night being a different moon. Before I started blogging I knew nothing of this entire community of bloggers. Surprised are you. Well believe it or not their are millions of people out there that have no idea about this community. Surprising considering how many blogs are out their right now. Well, anyway I started this site a little while back just as a little side project. To better under stand the ways of blogging. I have sense became very involved if not addicted to the blogsphere.

What I hope to achieve is to learn more about blogging. Learn how to make money online. Share my experiences with all of you so that you may do what I do or the exact opposite. I hope all of you enjoy my blog and visit again. Weather this particular blog will survive the test of time in unknown to me but I can be sure that I will be apart of the blogsphere for a long time to come.

PS: If anyone can spell my last name phonetically correct, I will link to their blog.
Just drop me a line